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The following statements apply to all pages in the LINCMAD.COM web site. This site does not use cookies of any kind. No personal information of any kind is requested or collected unless specifically submitted in the form of a comment to the webmaster. However, as with all web sites, certain information regarding your visit is collected automatically by the server. This information includes your numeric Internet address, your browser version (including platform), and in some cases the address of the page you visited immediately prior to coming to this site. Any such information collected will not be sold to or used by any third party. In particular, no information about visitors to this site will be used for any unsolicited e-mail "spamming" or telemarketing purposes.

Many of the pages on this site employ a graphical hit counter provided by Netscape Hitometer. All hit counters on this site are "Hitometer" counters. To the best of LincMad's knowledge and belief, Netscape will not make improper use of any user data collected in the process of supplying hit counter data; however, you may wish to consult Netscape's web pages for their latest privacy policy.

These pages no longer bear banner ads placed by the hosting company.


The site itself does not collect cookies. However, you may receive a cookie from Netscape Hitometer (usually something like, where ## is a two-digit number) for the hit counter, particularly if you have disabled JavaScript (including disabling all active content). I do not believe that any such cookies will contain any personally identifiable information, but they will differentiate new visitors from returning visitors. In any event, please see Netscape's privacy policy (links above) if you have questions regarding these cookies and how they will be used.

In no case should refusing cookies affect your ability to use this site. If you ever encounter an instance where a page refuses to load and you believe it is because you have refused a cookie, please forward the details immediately to the webmaster.

LINCMAD.COM is located in California. The sending of any unsolicited email advertising messages to this domain will result in the imposition of civil liability against you in accordance with Cal. Bus. & Prof. Code Section 17538.45, EVEN IF you are outside California. By knowingly using a server located in California, you place yourself under the jurisdiction of this law.

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