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Older splits and overlays (effective before ‎2018-01-01‎) — see oldnews.html;
Note: all dates are in year-month-day format, so ‎2022-05-20‎ = May 20, 2022.
Dates given in the form 2021–Q3 are 3rd Quarter of 2021, for example.
For overlays, the first date listed is for mandatory 10‑digit (or in some cases, 1+10‑digit) local calls; if no date is given, the area already has mandatory 10D/1+10D local calls. The second date is when numbers in the new overlay code can be assigned.

Old New Area Affected 10D/1+10D Dialing Overlay Test Number
445 PA: Philadelphia ‎2018-03-03‎ 445-990-TEST
916 279 CA: Sacramento ‎2018-02-10‎ ‎2018-03-10‎ 279-279-1279
619 & 858 CA: San Diego; (“boundary elimination overlay”: 619/858 geographic split boundary from 1999 has been erased, forming the new 619 & 858 overlay, effective ‎2018-06-19‎) ‎2018-05-19‎ ‎2018-06-19‎ (none)
805 820 CA: San Luis Obispo, Oxnard ‎2018-06-02‎ ‎2018-06-30‎ 820-820-1820
609 640 NJ: Trenton, Atlantic City ‎2018-08-18‎ ‎2018-09-17‎ 640-990-TEST
367 QC: eastern Québec, Canada, including Québec city and Gaspé Peninsula
l’est de la province de Québec, Canada, y compris la ville de Québec et la Gaspésie
(The test numbers 367–710–TEST and –BILL were withdrawn.)
(Les numéros d’essai 367–710–8378 et –2455 ont été retirés.)
—[*] ‎2018-11-24‎ 1–367 +
(210, 410, 510,
610, 710, 810,
ou/or 999) +
(–TEST/–8378 ou/or
876 658 Jamaica: entire nation ‎2019-03-30‎ ‎2019-04-30‎ 658-295-TEST
672 BC: entire province of British Columbia, Canada ‎2019-05-04‎ 1–672 +
(580, 610, 710,
810, or 999) +
or –BILL$/–2455$)
689 FL: Orlando; (area code 321 continues to be also a non-overlay code for the “Space Coast” area) ‎2019-06-04‎ 689-689-1689
524 non-geographic: more numbers for iPads, tablets, etc. — mostly non-dialable from ordinary phones ‎2019-07-12‎ (none)
510 341 CA: Oakland, Fremont, Richmond ‎2019-06-22‎ ‎2019-07-22‎ 341-341-1341
205 659 AL: Birmingham, Tuscaloosa ‎2019-10-12‎ ‎2019-11-12‎ 659-659-1659
937 326 OH: Dayton 2020-02-08 2020-03-08 326-326-1326
803 839 SC: Columbia, central ‎2020-04-25‎ ‎2020-05-26‎ 839-839-1839
525 non-geographic: more numbers for iPads, tablets, etc. — mostly non-dialable from ordinary phones ‎2020-07-13‎ (none)
945 TX: Dallas and suburbs; area code 945 will be added to 214 & 972 & 469 overlay ‎2021-01-15‎ 945-945-1945
526 non-geographic: more numbers for iPads, tablets, etc. — mostly non-dialable from ordinary phones 2021-01-28 (none)
909 840 CA: San Bernardino, Ontario ‎2021-01-23‎ ‎2021-02-23‎ 840-840-1840
217 447 IL: Champaign, Springfield ‎2021-02-27‎ ‎2021-03-27‎ 447-447-1447
814 (582) PA: Altoona, Erie: originally scheduled as an overlay in 2002, then shelved, then scheduled as a split for 2012-02-01, with Erie changing to 582 and Altoona keeping 814, then shelved again. However, the PPUC has finally scheduled the overlay for ‎2021-05-01‎. ‎2021-04-03‎ ‎2021-05-01‎ 582-990-TEST
405 (572) OK: Oklahoma City ‎2021-04-24‎ ‎2021-05-24‎ 572-572-1572
850 (448) FL: Tallahassee, Pensacola, panhandle; (postponed due to Covid-19) ‎2021-02-20‎
(474) SK: entire province of Saskatchewan, Canada ‎2021-10-02‎ t.b.a./‌AC
(742) ON: Toronto suburbs (not including the city of Toronto); the 905 & 289 & 365 overlay will add 742 on ‎2021-10-16‎ ‎2021-10-16‎ 1–742 +
(210, 410, 610)
+ (–TEST/–8378
or –BILL$/–2455$)
202 (771) DC: the city of Washington, D.C. ‎2021-10-09‎ ‎2021-11-09‎ 771-990-TEST
813 (656) FL: Tampa; (postponed due to Covid-19) ‎2021-10-16‎
(368) AB: entire province of Alberta, Canada, area codes 403, 780, 587, and 825; 368 overlay will be added on ‎2021-05-15‎ ‎2022-04-23‎ ‎2022-04-23‎ t.b.a./‌AC
757 (948) VA: Norfolk, Virginia Beach (revised official dates) ‎2022-04-09‎ ‎2022-05-09‎ 948-990-TEST
540 (826) VA: Roanoke, Harrisonburg, outer suburbs of Washington, D.C. ‎2022-05-14‎ ‎2022-06-14‎ 826-990-TEST
(683) ON: Sudbury, Peterborough ‎2022-06-18‎
1–683–610 + –TEST(–8378) or/ou –BILL(–2455)
(multi) Major change throughout the United States: A total of 82 U.S. area codes in 35 states (plus Guam) will change to mandatory 10-digit or 1+10D dialing for local calls, phased in from ‎2021-10-24‎ through 2022-07-15, in preparation for the introduction of the national 988 suicide prevention hotline. (More information on “The Big 10D”) ‎2021-10-24‎ ‎2022-07-16‎
(943) GA: Atlanta metro area; (The 404 & 770 & 678 & 470 overlay will add 943) 2022-08-15 943-943-1943
(468) QC: Gatineau/Hull, central, western, and northern Québec • Gatineau/Hull, le centre, l’ouest, et le nord du Québec ‎2022-10-22‎
1–468 + (210 or/ou 610) + —TEST(–8378) or/ou –BILL(–2455)
(835?) PA: Philadelphia suburbs; (new overlay area code and exact dates not yet officially announced) 2022? 2023? t.b.a.
(354) QC: Laval, suburbs/banlieue of Montréal; postponed indefinitely • remis indéfiniment ‎2020-10-24‎
1–354 +
(580, 610, 710, 999)
+ (–TEST/–8378
or/ou –BILL$/–2455$)
[subject to change/‌sous réserve]
506 (428) NB: entire province of New Brunswick, Canada •
l’ensemble de la province du Nouveau-Brunswick
(753) ON: Ottawa [tentative date of ‎2023-06-10‎ may be advanced to late 2022 • la date provisoire du ‎2023-06-10‎ pourrait être avancée à la fin de 2022] ‎2023-06-10‎ t.b.a./‌AC
870 (327) AR: Jonesboro, Pine Bluff, southern, eastern, north central (surrounds Little Rock on 3 sides) originally announced for ‎2013-05-18‎ but postponed indefinitely, estimated 2023-Q2 2023 ? (suspended)
2023 ?
708 (464) IL: La Grange, certain suburbs south or west of Chicago; (Date pushed back again, from late 2017 to late 2021 to early 2024) t.b.a. early 2024 ? t.b.a.
513 (283) OH: Cincinnati; (suspended; exact dates not yet officially announced) 2024 ? 2024 ? t.b.a.
314 (557) MO: St. Louis; (suspended; exact dates not yet officially announced) 2024 ? 2024-Q3 ? t.b.a.
516 (tba) NY: Nassau County (western Long Island); (new overlay area code and exact dates not yet officially announced) t.b.a. 2024-Q3 ? t.b.a.
(227) MD: Silver Spring, suburbs of Washington, D.C.; (dates t.b.a.) 2024 ? t.b.a.
(263) QC: Montréal (city only, not including suburbs) • (la ville seulement, banlieue non incluse) 2024 ? t.b.a./‌AC
(679) MI: Detroit, Ann Arbor; (suspended; 679 will overlay 313, circa 2026, and expand to also overlay 734, circa 2038) 2026 ? 2026 ? t.b.a.
920 (274) WI: Green Bay, northeastern; (originally scheduled for 2014, current projected implementation 2026-Q4 !) t.b.a. ‎2014-02-22‎ postponed indefinitely 274-274-1274
440 (tba) OH: Lorain, Ashtabula; (new overlay area code not yet officially announced; relief postponed to about 2028) t.b.a. 2028 ? t.b.a.
618 (730) IL: East St. Louis, southern; (postponed) 2029 ? 2029 ? t.b.a.
709 (879) NL: entire province of Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada (postponed indefinitely) • l’ensemble de la province de Terre-Neuve-et-Labrador, Canada (remis indéfiniment) ‎2018-11-10‎
1–879 +
(610, 620, 630, 640,
710, 777, 888, or 999)
+ (–TEST/–8378
or –BILL$/–2455$)

black - new area code is already in use
blue - mandatory 10D (or 1+10D) dialing is in effect in preparation for an overlay
green - new area code not yet in use
red - special notations
t.b.a. - to be announced à communiquerse anunciará

10D/1+10D” refers to the date on which it becomes mandatory to dial all local calls with the area code. In some areas, you must dial only the area code and number, for a total of 10 digits. In other areas, you must dial 1 plus the area code and number on all calls. In yet other areas, you may optionally dial 10D or 1+10D on some or all local calls, or for calls within your own area code overlay whether the call is local or toll. If no date is listed in this column, the area already has mandatory 10D/1+10D local calls, or the listing is for a non-geographic code (such as toll-free numbers) in which there are no local calls, as such.

Overlay” refers to the date on which the new code goes into effect; that is, the first date on which numbers in the new code may be assigned and used.

New area codes indicated with a question mark are speculation, based on available industry data. However, the information should not be considered reliable until it is officially confirmed by NANPA.

The Test Number is a special number (usually, though not always, not charged) that allows you to test whether all the links in the chain from you to a new area code are operating correctly. In order for you to reach a new area code, your premises equipment (office PBX, for example) must allow you to dial it. Then the telco central office must accept the new area code as valid and route it correctly. If the new area code is outside your LATA, your chosen long-distance carrier must also route the call correctly. Calling one of these numbers will usually reach a simple recording saying something like, “You have successfully completed a call to area code XXX.” Note that some test numbers are billable numbers, possibly at international rates. However, most test numbers in the U.S. will not bill. In cases where a test number is shown ending with –TEST, dial –8378 (no charge); for –BILL, dial –2455 (billed).

Note that the test number for a new area code is usually disconnected within a few months after the mandatory date. If you dial one of the older test numbers shown here, you may reach an ordinary subscriber.

The Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador was scheduled to have an overlay of new area code 879 on existing area code 709, effective ‎2018-11-24‎, but evolving conditions led the CRTC to postpone the overlay repeatedly, and finally postpone it indefinitely.
fr: La province canadienne de Terre-Neuve-et-Labrador devait mettre en œuvre un recouvrement de l’indicatif 709 avec le nouvel indicatif 879, à compter du ‎2018-11-24‎, mais en raison des conditions évolutives le CRTC a remis plusieurs fois le recouvrement, et enfin le remit indéfiniment.

The Canadian province of New Brunswick was scheduled to have an overlay of new area code 428 on existing area code 506, effective ‎2020-11-21‎, but evolving conditions led the CRTC to postpone the overlay, first to ‎2022-04-23‎, and again to ‎2023-04-29‎.
fr: La province canadienne du Nouveau-Brunswick devait mettre en œuvre un recouvrement de l’indicatif 506 avec le nouvel indicatif 428, à compter du ‎2020-11-21‎, mais en raison des conditions évolutives le CRTC a remis le recouvrement. La date d’entrée en vigueur de ‎2022-04-23‎ a été remis encore jusqu’au ‎2023-04-29‎.

In southern California, two old area code splits have been erased in a maneuver known as a “boundary elimination overlay”. In downtown Los Angeles, the boundary between 213 and 323 has been eliminated; in San Diego, the boundary between 619 and 858 was eliminated. In each case, the two existing area codes became an overlay, with numbers from either code assignable anywhere in the combined geographic territory.

Area code 870, which covers most of the land area of the state of Arkansas, was scheduled to have an overlay on ‎2013-05-18‎, but number conservation measures extended its life by several years, so the overlay has been postponed indefinitely. Look for it some time around 2023.

The state of Illinois has not yet established effective dates for the 217/447 (2021-03-27), 708/464 (2024?), and 618/730 (2029?) overlays, which will be implemented as the existing codes run low on available numbers. However, those projected implementation dates have been pushed later several times, from “any minute now” to “five to ten years from now.” The plan does indicate that there will be a 13‑month transition period in each area for permissive and then mandatory 10‑digit dialing, test numbers, and finally assignment and activation of numbers in the new area code. (Update: the 217 overlay has actually taken effect, as shown above.)

There have been no area code splits — only overlays — since ‎2007-10-07‎, and no splits are planned. Canada has not had an area code split since ‎1999-01-25‎; Canada had its first overlay on ‎2001-03-25‎ and hasn’t looked back.

In fact, Canada is already planning overlays in every province, not including the territories of northern Canada, between now and 2024, although the overlay for Newfoundland and Labrador is likely to be postponed indefinitely. At that point, the only parts of Canada Without overlays will be area code 867 (Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut) and area code 807 (northwestern Ontario, including Thunder Bay). On the chopping block also are local interprovincial 7‑digit dialing arrangements for Labrador City and Wabush, NL, and for Campbellton, NB, into the 418 & 581 & 367 area of eastern Québec. Those 7‑digit dialing arrangements will be terminated when Newfoundland & Labrador and New Brunswick implement mandatory 10‑digit local calls in preparation for their own overlays.
fr: En fait, le Canada prévoit déjà recouvrir tous les indicatifs (sauf 867 et 807) avant 2024, mais on propose de remettre indéfiniment la superposition de Terre-Neuve-et-Labrador (709). À partir de cette date, les seules régions du Canada sans recouvrements seront l‘indicatif 867 — le Yukon, les T.N.O., et le Nunavut — et l‘indicatif 807 — le nord-ouest de l‘Ontario, y compris Thunder Bay. On va éliminer aussi les arrangements interprovinciaux de composition locale à 7 chiffres pour Labrador City et pour Wabush, et pour Campbellton, Nouveau-Brunswick, vers l‘est du Québec. Ces arrangements seront remis lorsque Terre-Neuve-et-Labrador et le Nouveau-Brunswick mettront en œuvre la composition locale obligatoire à 10 chiffres pour se préparer à leurs propres recouvrements.

Editorial commentary and explanatory notes about area code splits have now been moved off onto a separate page.

Don’t see a split listed here that used to be? Splits and overlays that have been cancelled or indefinitely postponed may no longer be shown.

Time Zone information is now available on the “Locator” page, which lists all active and upcoming area codes in numeric order with major cities.

There is an excellent listing of state/provincial regulatory agencies [link updated ‎2017-05-24‎] provided by the state of New York.

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