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This map shows North American area codes boundaries as they remained for most of the 1960s, 1970s, and early 1980s. All of the area codes shown here were in use by 1966, except for area code 804 in Virginia, which was created in 1973. The area codes began splitting again in 1982, when southern California’s area code 714 split. (Orange County and San Bernardino kept 714; San Diego, Palm Springs, and the eastern Sierra Nevada changed to 619. Area code 714 split again, and 714 and 619 are both splitting in 1997-1998.) A total of 19 Caribbean territories and countries were assigned to area code 809, beginning in 1958.

In addition to the area codes shown here, area code 905 was used for Mexico City, and area codes 903 and 706 were used for portions of northern Mexico. Those area codes are not shown, because they were local dialing codes, used only for calls from the North American Numbering Plan area into Mexico; the rest of the world used Mexico’s country code +52, plus the appropriate city code. (In the 1990’s, area code 905 was assigned in Ontario, Canada; 903 in northeast Texas; and 706 in northern Georgia.)

The period from 1966-01-01 to 1982-11-04 - almost 17 years - with only one area code split, was by far the longest period of stability in the history of the North American Numbering Plan. Over 40 new area codes were added during 1997 alone.

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