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Table of Area Codes and Cities

((green) = not yet in use; see "About these Tables" for more information)

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To find a specific area code if you don’t know what state or province it's in, refer to the Locator page, which lists all active area codes numerically (Now with Time Zones!), or refer to the Numeric Cross-Reference Table on the main cities.html listing page.

Caribbean and Other Island Area Codes

Jan. • July
NPA Territory or Country
1:00 +1 684 AS American Samoa[*], Pago Pago, Fagatogo, Tafuna, Manu'a, Tutuila (Pacific, U.S.)
8:00 +1 264 AI Anguilla (U.K.)
8:00 +1 268 AG Antigua & Barbuda
7:00 • 8:00 +1 242 BS Bahamas
8:00 +1 246 BB Barbados
8:00 • 9:00 +1 441 BM Bermuda (Atlantic, U.K.)
7:00 • 8:00 +1 345 KY Cayman Islands (U.K.) (note: effective 2016, the Cayman Islands does observe Daylight Saving Time.)
8:00 +1 767 DM Dominica
8:00 +1 809
+1 829
+1 849
DO Dominican Republic (809 & 829 & 849 overlay)
8:00 +1 473 GD Grenada, Carriacou Island, Ronde Island
22:00 +1 671 GU Guam (Pacific, U.S.)
7:00 +1 876
(+1 658)
JM Jamaica; (876 & 658 overlay effective 2019‑04‑30)
22:00 +1 670 MP Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (C.N.M.I.) (Pacific, U.S.; Saipan, Tinian, Rota)
8:00 +1 664 MS Montserrat (U.K.)
8:00 +1 787
+1 939
PR Puerto Rico (U.S.) (787 & 939 overlay)
8:00 +1 869 KN St. Kitts & Nevis, St. Christopher
8:00 +1 758 LC St. Lucia
8:00 +1 784 VC St. Vincent and the Grenadines (U.K.): Baliceau, Battowia, Bequia, Canouan, Isle Quatre, Mayreau, Mustique, Prune Isl., St. Vincent, Union Isl.
8:00 +1 721 SX Sint Maarten (Dutch/southern half of the island of St. Martin in the Caribbean); effective 2011‑09‑30, mandatory 2012‑09‑30. Dialing from North America, Sint Maarten changed from 011‑599‑5xx‑xxxx to 1‑721‑5xx‑xxxx. The .sx Internet domain is now active. (French St. Martin and the other former Netherlands Antilles are not affected.)
8:00 +1 868 TT Trinidad & Tobago
8:00 +1 649 TC Turks & Caicos Islands (U.K.): Amergris Cays, Caicos Islands, Grand Turk, Salt Cay; (note: Turks & Caicos changed time zones in 2015. Clocks were advanced one hour from EST to EDT in March 2015, but were not set back one hour in November. Instead, clocks remained on Atlantic Standard Time (AST) year round.)
8:00 +1 284 VG British Virgin Islands (U.K.): Anegada, Beef Island, Cooper Island, Ginger Island, Great Camanoe, Guana Island, Jost van Dyke, Norman Island, Peter Island, Tortola, Virgin Gorda
8:00 +1 340 VI U.S. Virgin Islands (U.S.): Brass Island, Buck Island, Hans Lollick Island, St. Croix, St. John, St. Thomas;
cities: Charlotte Amalie, Christiansted, Coral Harbor, Frederiksted

Some Nearby Country Codes

Jan. • July
Code Country or Territory
8:00 +297 AW Aruba (Netherlands)
8:00 +599 (BQ) Bonaire, Sint Eustasius, Saba (Netherlands) (use .AN or .NL for Internet)
7:00 • 8:00 +53 CU Cuba (note: Cuba now observes Daylight Saving Time on the same schedule as the U.S. and Canada)
8:00 +599 CW Curaçao (Netherlands)
8:00 +590 GP Guadeloupe (French Antilles)
7:00 • 8:00 +509 HT Haiti (note: since 2013, Haiti now observes DST on the US schedule)
(multiple) +299 GL Kalaallit Nunaat (Greenland, Denmark)
24:00 +692 MH (Rep. of the) Marshall Islands
8:00 +596 MQ Martinique (France)
(multiple) +52 MX México: major changes in / grandes cambios en 2019 [*]
(multiple) +691 FM (Federated States of) Micronesia
8:00 +599 AN Netherlands Antilles (Bonaire, Curaçao, Saba,
Sint Eustatius, Sint Maarten) (.AN is deprecated but still in use)
8:00 +590 (BL) Saint Barthélemy (French Antilles) (use .GP or .FR for Internet)
8:00 +590 (MF) Saint-Martin* (French Antilles) (use .GP or .FR for Internet)
9:00 • 10:00 +508 PM St. Pierre & Miquelon (France)
26:00 • 25:00 +685 WS Independent Samoa [*]: Apia, Upolu, Savai’i
8:00 (+599) SX Sint Maarten* (Netherlands Antilles) (+1 721 mandatory as of 2012‑09‑30)

About These Tables

The Caribbean/Other Island territory table lists the territory or country with major islands or cities. Unless otherwise indicated, the island is an independent nation located in the Caribbean. The Nearby Country Codes table lists non-NANP international country codes for selected areas adjacent to the NANP. There is a complete listing of all country codes on the countrycodes.html page on this site. In addition, there is a map of Africa with Internet country codes, time zones, and telephone country and city codes for many locations.

Time Zones are shown relative to UTC = 12:00. The shaded listings correspond to the Eastern and Atlantic Time Zones used in the U.S. and Canada; other zones are not shaded. If two times are shown, the first is the time in effect in the month of January and the second is for July; the exact dates of switching on and off Daylight Saving Time vary from country to country. Note that, because it is south of the equator, Independent Samoa observes Daylight Saving Time on an opposing schedule to the other countries shown here. To convert to international time format (offset from GMT/UTC), subtract 12 hours from the time shown. For example, Eastern Standard Time is shown as 7:00, corresponding to UTC–05:00; Chamorro Standard Time (ChST) is shown as 22:00, corresponding to UTC+10:00.

Mexico is planning a major overhaul of its numbering plan effective 2019‑08‑03; in particular, it will no longer be necessary to insert the prefix ‘1’ between the country code +52 and the geographic area code when calling a Mexican mobile phone. Within Mexico, all calls will be dialed as ten digits, always including the area code, but no longer requiring the prefixes 01, 02, 044, or 045. The current system of 422 geographic area codes will be replaced with 8 geographic zones, corresponding to the first digit of the current area code. Over time, as new numbering blocks are allocated, it will no longer be possible to narrow down the location associated with a particular number beyond one of those 8 zones.

[es] México planea una revisión importante de su plan de numeración telefónica, efectivo 2019‑08‑03; en particular, ya no se necesitará insertar el prefijo ‘1’ entre el indicativo de país +52 y la clave LADA geográfica al llamar a un teléfono móvil mexicano desde el extranjero. Dentro de México, todas las llamadas se marcarán el número de diez dígitos, siempre con la clave LADA, pero sin los prefijos 01, 02, 044 o 045. El sistema actual de 422 claves LADA geográficas se reemplazará por 8 zonas geográficas, correspondientes al primer dígito de la clave actual. Con los proximos años, a medida que se asignan nuevos bloques de numeración, no será posible reducir la ubicación asociada con un número telefónico con mayor precisión que una de esas 8 zonas.

Time Zone changes: In 2013, Haiti began observing Daylight Saving Time, using the same schedule as the US and Canada. In 2015, Cuba changed its DST schedule to match the US and Canada. Also in 2015, the Turks & Caicos Islands changed from Eastern Standard Time / Eastern Daylight Time (EST/EDT) to Atlantic Standard Time (AST) year-round. In 2016, the Cayman Islands began observing DST on the US schedule.

In Mexico, the southeastern state of Quintana Roo, including popular tourist destinations such as Cancún and Cozumel, changed to Eastern Standard Time year-round. The state of Sonora (south of Arizona) also does not observe DST. The dates for DST in the rest of Mexico are different from the US schedule, although Mexican border areas mostly use the US dates. Venezuela adopted a new time zone, UTC–04:30, or 7:30 in LincMad notation.

The U.S. territory of American Samoa changed from international country code +684 to NANP area code 684 (i.e., +1 684) effective 2004‑10‑02. This change does not affect the Independent State of Samoa, formerly known as Western Samoa, which retains country code +685.

Independent Samoa changed its time zone, just in time for 2012. Locally, the date 2011‑12‑30 was skipped — there was no Friday the 30th, jumping directly from Thursday the 29th to Saturday the 31st. The standard time for Samoa changed from UTC–11:00 to UTC+13:00, although Independent Samoa advances its clocks one hour during the Southern Hemisphere summer, from the last Saturday in September until the first Sunday in April; for example, from 2018‑09‑30 to 2019‑04‑07. (In LincMad notation, Samoan standard time changed from 1:00 to 25:00, and summer time from 2:00 to 26:00.) The time zone change applies only to Independent Samoa, not to the U.S. territory of American Samoa.

Note: Sint Maarten, the Dutch southern half of the island of St. Martin, changed from +599 to +1 721, permissive on 2011‑09‑30, mandatory on 2012‑09‑30. The other parts of the former Netherlands Antilles continue to use +599, and the French northern half of the island continues to use +590. The new ISO country codes for the Dutch islands are SX for Sint Maarten, CW for Curaçao, and (BQ) for Bonaire, Sint Eustasius, and Saba. SX & CW have been activated; there are currently no plans to activate .BQ on the Internet, although it is in use for other purposes.

[nl] Opmerking: Het Caribische eiland Sint Maarten is verdeeld tussen Frankrijk en Nederland. Het Nederlandse zuidelijke deel is van plan om de Noord-Amerikaanse Nummering Plan (+1) sluiten zoals het netnummer 721. Permissieve bellen begon op 2011‑09‑30; verplicht op 2012‑09‑30. De Franse noordelijke deel, Saint-Martin, zal blijven +590 te gebruiken, of 011–590 uit Noord-Amerika, en de andere delen van de Nederlandse Antillen zal blijven +599 gebruiken. De nieuwe ISO-landcodes zijn SX voor Sint Maarten, CW voor Curaçao, en (BQ) voor Bonaire, Sint Eustasius, en Saba. SX & CW zijn werkzaam; er zijn momenteel geen plannen om .BQ op internet te activeren, maar het is in gebruik voor andere doeleinden.

[fr] Note: L’île antillaise de Saint-Martin est divisée entre la France et les Pays-Bas. La partie néerlandaise du sud, Sint Maarten, a rejoint le Plan de Numérotation Nord-américain (+1) avec l’indicatif régional 721. L’utilisation facultative de +1 721 a commencé le 2011‑09‑30; l’utilisation obligatoire a commencé le 2012‑09‑30. La partie française du nord continuera d’utiliser +590, ou 011–590 d’Amérique du Nord, et les autres parties des Antilles néerlandaises continueront d’utiliser +599. Les nouveaux codes de pays ISO sont SX pour Sint Maarten, CW pour Curaçao, et (BQ) pour Bonaire, Sint Eustasius, et Saba. On ne prévoit pas d’activer .BQ sur l’Internet, mais on l’utilise à d’autres fins.

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